Craig McKenzie's 1967 Karmann Ghia Convertible

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Modification Log

07.02.01 - 28.07.01 - Purchase of 1967 Karmann Ghia Convertible from Mason Hogg of The Karmann Ghia Center. Complete body, hood, running gear and exterior trim restoration to agreed specification. Click here for more details.

25.03.01 - Purchased set of four fully polished Porsche 914 2.0Ltr Fuche wheels from John Abbot Volkswagen Accessories Stand at the 2001 VolksWorld show, Sandown Park Exhibition Center, Esher, Surrey. Four bolt configuration suitable for existing hubs on car, so no need to change the brakes or use adapters.
Wheels later fitted to car at the Karmann Ghia Center during bodywork restoration, to test wheel arch clearance etc. Purchased replacement set of wheel bolts (late Audi 100), original wheel bolts did not have the required length to secure properly in hubs.
Purchased an AM/FM 1302 radio (later fitted to car).

15.07.01 - Purchased set of Diamond 6'' Speakers and tweeters, later installed and wired into the car by Bernard Newbury, prior to fitting carpets and trim. Power cables also laid in with speaker wire, ready for possible high performance In-Car-Entertainment system, with amplifier located in luggage area at the rear of the car.

28.07.01 - 28.08.01 - Interior refit by Bernard Newbury, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Click here for more details.

15.09.01 - Fitted pair of replacement rubber swing axle boots to gearbox.
Drained and refilled gearbox oil.
Refitted original 3 point, static seat belts found in the car (Manufacturer of these belts is Brittax (?)). This was done after washing belts, painting pivot pulleys black and cleaning and polishing buckles.

16.09.01 - Capped heater channel pipes within engine bay (behind engine bulk head), ensuring they don't fill with water/dirt. No heat exchangers will be fitted to engine.
Removed demister and air-duct channel controls and cables from far left and behind dash board. Demisting vents or foot well vents closed up during interior refit.

06.09.01 - Fitted front number plate. Fitted new throttle pedal rubber cover. Fitted new fuse box cover.

14.10.01 - Fitted Engine bay side panels. Made from Polished Stainless Steel. Cut out from supplied cardboard template guide. Finished panels cut to shape by Peter at Pace Engineering, Harlow. (01279) 425254.
Fitted new engine bay fire-wall rubber seal and front engine bay rubber seal.

16.10.01 / 17.10.01 - Fitted 2100cc, Type 1 Engine at John Maher Racing, Chorlton, Manchester.
Mileometre reading 88470.

21.10.01 - Removed silencer and sprayed in high temperature, clear lacquer.

01.03.02 - Purchased replacement adjustable, LHD front suspension beam from Big Boyz' Toys - Lakeside, Thurrock.

02.03.02 / 03.03.02 - With much help from John Stroud, removed old front beam and replaced with adjustable front suspension beam. Set ride height accordingly (best modification made yet!).

13.07.02 - Replaced front spindles with CSP 2 1/4 inch dropped spindles and readjusted front beam. Also replaced N/S lower ball joint. Carried out by Mason Hogg of the Karmann Ghia Centre.

06.10.02 - Fitted radio antenna to drivers side wing

01.03.03 - 06.04.03 - Replaced lowered front suspension beam with stock beam [see Front Suspension]. Changed the inner tie-rod ends for new ones, replaced the steering damper, replaced the front shocks for SPAX adjustables, replaced split track rod ball joint boots, replaced speedo cable, replaced both front brake hoses and replaced the anti-roll bar bushes with EMPI ones. Cleaned all steering and suspension components (removed all overspayed underseal and accumulated dirt). Painted anti-roll bar black.



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